Hi, my name is Yan Metelitsa I'm a full stack web developer


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Yan Metelitsa Belarus, 1998


  • photo_camera
    Photography & Video
  • headset_mic
    Making music & Drumming
  • developer_board
    Hardware Development
  • videogame_asset
    Indie games
  • directions_bike
    Driving & Traveling


  • html
    HTML 5 / BEM
  • css
    CSS 3 / SCSS / Bootstrap
  • javascript
    JavaScript / jQuery[1] / NodeJS
  • php
    PHP / SQL
  • code
    WordPress / Self-made CMS
  • storage
    MySQL / MongoDB


I became interested in programming in the fifth grade at the school computer science lessons. For the next nine years, I had been working on different websites, programs, automated systems. Some of them are representing businesses, other managing difficult tasks, some of them are made to make everyday life easer.


  • menu_book Basic: gymnasium
  • science Secondary: physics and mathematics
  • school Higher: BRU, Automation of technological processes and production, automation engineer (CNC)


Today I`m working on several commercial and not-for-profit projects and finished dozens. This projects are working now in such countries as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia.


Portfolio and projects

ADR8.us website development

Website for international logistics and shipping container company.

Vasilykadevich.com psychologist website development

Website for a psychologist. Contacts, certificates, posts and online payment

Vmz.by website development

Website development for engineering production company

Bravika.lt website development

Website development for trader in the field of energy resources and minerals

Karani.by website development

Website for Belarusian eco-festival

ADR8.lt logistics service website development

Website for logistics service. Equipment catalog, services and info pages

Olegptashkin.by psychologist website development

Website for a psychologist. Contacts, certificates and online payment

Rigel.by website development

Website for a construction engineering company with a detailed portfolio and pages for each service

Nocliche.dev website development and design

Website for a design studio, development and SEO website promotion

Beznot.by landing page development

Landing page for Belarusian reggae band Bez.Not. Social media, contacts, breaking news, albums info and more

Lounge8000.dk landing page development

Website for club in Aarhus, Denmark with table booking function and club guide

Web-Agent.by website development

Website for a design studio, development and SEO website promotion

Stopkor.by landing page development

Landing for car decor service. Clear, responsive design and fast performance

Iva-wood.by website development

Website for Iva Wood oak wood production. Easy editing with CMS Wordpress

Falvar.by landing page development

Landing for Falvar wooden houses. Catalog elements implemented and step-by-step price calculator

Dals.by website development

Website of the construction design bureau, engaged in the production of pellet lines and original production equipment

Razmova web application development


Tambar WordPress plugin

Plugin that allows you to change the position of the admin bar to reach better convenience and versatility

Stadler Rail web application development

Web application for Stadler Rail. Super compatible with all browsers and platforms, AJAX technology for working with the server

YM Snake V3

Snake game with leaderboards and two difficulties

YM Metronome 2.0

Web metronome

YM Piano V3

Web synthesizer with many different settings

view_moduleWeb-dev modules

Modules for your web projects

YM Style ResetV 2.1.0

SCSS/CSS file that makes standard settings more convenient for development. Also has useful classes.

  • languageWeb
  • sourceCSS/SCSS
  • savingsFree

YM SliderV 0.9.3

JavaScript library that allows you to add responsive, cross-platform sliders to the website.

  • languageWeb
  • sourceJavaScript
  • savingsFree


Current work in progress ideas


Music videos from beautiful and historical places of Belarus


Cameras database with simple and typed information presentation


Music projects

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